Resources and Links

Tip Sheets

Here is a list of community, commercial and government organisations that provide varying resources that might be of assistance.

Latest funeral inspiration from around the world

  • Death Hub Facebook group - this is a group of people from across the world who are interested in things around death and dying. Here you will find different approaches to death, images of coffins and plenty of ideas

Euthanasia resources

  • Dying with Dignity - this is a group in support of euthanasia


This is a personal favourite topic for me! More to come soon,

More to come soon...

More to come soon...

More to come soon...

In addition to my book "Rest Assured", these are some of the books I recommend for people who are facing death and dying.

  • With the End In Mind - Reclaiming the language of Dying. - Kathryn Mannix
  • Letting Go - How to plan for a good death - Dr Charlie Corke
  • Every Note Played - Lisa Genova
  • The Top Five Regrets of the Dying - Bronnie Ware